"Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women for the money. And it made her miserable.

As a young writer, Alcott concentrated on lurid pulp stories of revenge, murder, and adultery–“blood and thunder” literature, as she called i–and enjoyed writing very much. She was in her mid 30s when an editor suggested she try writing a book for girls. Alcott wasn’t very interested, but her father was a complete moron with money and had left the family in terrible financial trouble. Alcott wrote Little Women in hopes of some decent sales and a little breathing room and got way more than she asked for. The money in sequels was too good to turn down (and her father didn’t get any smarter with a dime), but Alcott hated writing what she called “moral pap for the young” and longed to return to the smut and violence of her early endeavors."

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This is even better if you remember that there’s a part in Little Women in which Jo begins writing pulp stories and then gets lectured about it by her future husband. She ends up feeling horrible and never does it again.

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Because of how he trained her Regina had to always hold on to that anger.

Her ass got excited and happy for two seconds for doing something right then nope it went away because happiness and joy is not the way she was taught to tap into her power.

But with the annoyance she makes it flair up again. She had to constantly stay in touch with the worse of herself in order to be protected..because without magic she was just Regina with a dead fiancee, an abusive mom , a scared ass dad, a perv old ass husband , and a kid sister /step daughter. No allies, no power, magically trapped in a kingdom..

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rude stop I can't get past season 2 of this show I loved season one? not so much 2


Marbles Appreciation Post!

Marbles is now a fat, lazy and loving Tegu (not too fat though). He loves going on car rides and running errands with us. His favorite foods are F/T chicks (once in a blue moon), chicken hearts, gizzards, and mango. He likes to come out of his cage and walk around while we clean in the reptile room. Today he decided to nap in the middle of the floor.

Being apart of what we’re doing seems to be his favorite thing. When I think about when we got him in a few months ago and the condition he was in just breaks my heart. He’s such a good boy.

We all love you Marbles!